Below is an overview of the types of projects I am able to do.

Digital Design

Digital Illustrations
Photo manipulated images

Conceptual Art:
– board/video games
– film
– book
– magazine artwork 

Mobile Game Art:
– character design
– background design
– sprite design
– animation


Graphic Design

Logo Design
Print Materials:
– business card/business stationery
– brochure
– poster
– flyers
– custom product design


Web Design

Website Graphics
– assets
– icons

Web Ads
– banners

Web Animation (animated gifs)
Social Media Marketing


Sketch Drawing
T-Shirt/Product Artwork
Tattoo Design
Comic/Graphic Novel Artwork
Web Graphics

Book Design:
– cover/internal illustrations
– layout



Conceptual Art
Character Design
Background Design

2d Character Animation
-after effects
– flash

2d FX Animation 
-after effects
– flash

Compositing Video
-after effects

Game Sprite Animation
– unity

Other Stuff

– blogging
– short stories
– critiquing

Social Media Marketing

If you do not see a specific Item, feel free to email me with details.