fun times ahead...gotta keep goin!

Sometimes life is like a video game. 

Some levels are easy and you can get through without taking a hit. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and have to keep fighting over and over, trying to figure out a way to make it pass a certain part of life. Maybe in those rough patches you don't have the specific item you need and you just have to search until you find it. Sometimes it could just be that you have to wait for something to come your way first in order to jump over an obstacle.

I am at that point right now. Patiently moving forward, waiting for that piece to come so I can jump over the hurdle that is laying before me. Too bad in real life there isn't an UP UP/DOWN DOWN/LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT/B/A/BA/Select/Start code that can give you a boost...Closest thing to that I guess would be to win the lottery. LOL.

So if there is no Konami code for us users, Then we gotta just keep workin on our XP points and keep pushing forward. Eventually for me, I'll get over that big hill and beat the level.