Resetting Oneself

Before you build a home or a structure of any kind, you need to clear out the base to begin. Appliances need to press the on/off button to reboot and start again. Humans don't really have that button attached to us. For us humans we have to choose to believe that we are resetting oneself. That way we can start over, expand our p.o.v, reboot or redo what we have been doing. New Years usually have that impact on people and I am no exception. 

So this image above is an interpetation of what I think resetting looks like to me today. It could look something completely different. As an artist, interpertations come and go, like visions in the fire or a dream.

I see that we are attaching ourselves to a digital world where there are no horizons, as it keeps going. We are plugged in and yet to reset we need to unplug from just the digital world. I think it is time we take our personal inventory and see whats going on before moving ahead, especially with a new year starting and all.

I will have a lot of fun coloring and adding more to the "Reset" image. might make it my 01of12. 

"Whats that?" you may ask. Well, that my friend is for another day. 

Image Credit
Reset - Victor Terzis